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Is Comvita The Best Manuka Honey in The World?

Most of you maybe ever heard about manuka honey, the gold version of honey that offer more health benefits than just a regular honey.

With all the manuka honey you can find on the store or online, you probably wondering which one is the best? On this matter, I absolutely believe the answer is Comvita.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a look about the reasons why Comvita is the best manuka honey in the world.

What Is Comvita

Comvita is founded in 1974 and have spent over four decades to perfecting their beekeeping craft. And their hard work is well paid off as Comvita is considered as global manuka honey leader. They have over 40.000 hives today.

Why Comvita Manuka Honey Is Expensive?

It’s all because the process that has to been through to process the honey. They go by research and select the sources, and then tend and harvest them to preserve the honey purity. You can even trace each honey to its source because Comvita work closely with the beekeepers. Isn’t that amazing?

They produce the honey from New Zealand’s rugged central North Island volcanic plateau to the bush clad hills of Northland. And they have a team across the US, filled with nutritionists, health practitioners and natural wellness experts!

The benefits of manuka honey are alive in every single drop as Comvita protected the way from the hives to you. They make sure the Manuka flower is as potent and alive in the jar as it in the hive. Comvita manuka honey is also considered raw, this mean they preserve the integrity of the honey, including the pollen, enzymes, propolis and amino acids. They also don’t undergo any significant transformation.

Manuka honey has a limited crop production and sensitive to weather conditions, so it takes immense skill, planning and resources, thus it makes it more expensive to produce than other types of honey, but it is worth the money.

Why Comvita Is the Best

With all manuka honey brands that are available online or offline, some claimed they are the best. These manuka honey are labeled with terms like “Bio-Active”, “Active”, “MGO” or “UMF”. I believe most of you will wonder what is the difference between all of those labels? Which one is the best? Which one is real? And what is the standard?

To answer your question, your manuka honey has to have these factors, so all your money didn’t go to waste: A real manuka honey, comes from New Zealand. Yes, if it doesn’t come from NZ, then I’m sorry to say that it is not what it claimed. Just like real champagne comes from France, manuka honey comes from Manuka flower, that only gros in New Zealand. The second factor that it has to be a monofloral. This mean it comes from the one and only, Manuka flower. Not a blend of multiple floral sources, not multi floral or “mostly” derived from Manuka flower. The third factor is important too, the UMF, because the price of a manuka honey depends on their UMF level. Make sure your manuka honey has UMF independent certification, with this it will guarantee the honey meets MPI standards. The standard is that it contains a minimum level all three of the key compounds, and ensure that its genuine monofloral Manuka honey with Leptosperin, DHA and MGO (Methylglyoxal).

What Makes Comvita Different

Other than the facts that Comvita has their own beekeeping operation, meaning they are responsible to the planet. As you know, manuka honey is considered a rare and natural resources, and the flower with the bees are sensitive to climate change, so it is important that Manuka honey is harvest with sustainability and regeneratively. Comvita is also the only one that is certified gluten free by GFCO and their jar is also BPA free. And they are also certified as genuine UMF from UMFHA.

While Comvita products are tested for and guaranteed, some brands only measure for MGO, while the rest don’t even measure for any. So, make sure you get what your money worth!

List of Comvita Products

Comvita offers manuka honey in UMF grades, each showing the level of MGO content and level of scarcity due to crop yields. This indicates the highest level of beneficial compounds. The higher the number, meaning the more targeted the usage for common wellness remedies.

  • UMF 20+. Comes in one size 8.8 oz (250g)
  • UMF 15+. Comes in one size 8.8 oz (250g)
  • UMF 10+. Comes in two sizes 8.8 oz (250g) and 17.06 oz (500g)
  • UMF 5+. Comes in three sizes 8.8 oz (250g) and 17.06 oz (500g) and35.02 oz (1kg)

Higher UMF levels manuka honey tend to have a darker color and distinctive taste, so don’t worry about the color and taste difference! A manuka honey with UMF higher than 10+ is medical grade and therapeutic for the skin.

As for the other products, we have:

  • Comvita Propolis Softgels. This is suitable if you are looking for nature’s powerful defence system. It will support immune system.
  • Comvita Vitality Royal Jelly Softgel. This is suitable to maintain your vitality. One capsule contains 500g royal jelly.
  • Comvita Kids Honey. Made perfectly for kids, so it will taste good and creamy.
  • Comvita Manuka Honey & Blackcurrant Elixir. This is suitable for the chilly season like winter. This all in one formula contain 10+ UMF and blackcurrant to sooth a sore throat.
  • Comvita Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir. This is suitable for your children especially in chilly season like winter. This all in one formula contain 10+ UMF with a great strawberry flavour to sooth a sore throat.
  • Made for children
  • Comvita Propolis Toothpaste. With tea tree oil and xylitol, this toothpaste will be an effective way to protect gums and your teeth as it all work together to fight off plaque and decay.

Comvita as the alternative to Sambucol

Maybe some of you ever try a food supplement like Sambucol to support the immune system. Sambucol contains vitamin C and Zinc and also have antioxidant capability of free radicals. But did you know that Manuka honey happens to have antioxidant benefits too? On the other side it also has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. If taken daily, manuka has an elixir effect to boosts energy.

For all I say, comvita is a better alternative if you are looking for something to boost your immune system.

Where To Buy Comvita Manuka Honey

Many speciality honey shops may not have Comvita because they prefer to push their own house brands, and having a giant brand like Comvita tend to demolish their own in-house brand sales.

You can find them in premium department store such as Metro or upperclass supermarket as Cold Storage, or NTUC Finest supermarket. Unfortunately, do note that without discount or sales, the prices are usually quite premium too.

You can also get it from HoneyCity, where the prices are much better and you get free delivery once you hit the free shipping tier.

Enjoy shopping for the best manuka honey in the world!

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