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How To Keep Ticks Off From Your Dogs

You might have notice if your dog has some tiny insect crawling in their body. That might be a tick. Yes, even if your dog is a stay at home pet, it is possible for them to pick up ticks from garden and park from their morning walk. Controlling pests from our dogs is important, not only for their health and welfare, but to human also. Did you know some of the pest our dog has can be transmitted to us as well? To protect people from unnecessary suffering, it’s time to start taking ticks problem seriously. For you who’s not familiar with tick, what happen if your dog have them, and what can you do to protect your dog, this article is for you.

What Can I Do If I Found Ticks From My Dog?

You keep your dog inside, so how come you found ticks on his body? Do they jump into it? No. Do they fly into your dog’s body? Neither. Ticks can’t jump like lice or fly like flies. To move around, they crawl. explains that tick spends most of their live living off the host’s body. Most likely, they pick them up from their walk because ticks will wait from the grass and will crawl patiently when your dog came.

Here below is a clue for you to find them from their hiding place:

You can also check for unusual lumps and bumps and feel it with your hand. This might come in handy if your dog is long haired or have dark coat.

It’s important to keep your pet protected. First, you need to understand even though it looks like a small problem, ticks also can bring your dog health’s down through multiple mechanism. Female ticks feed on blood, this can lead to anemia and suppress their immune. The bite sites can lead to infection. Some ticks even have toxin they can leave in your dog’s body through a bite.

So, yes, you should make an effort to remove those blood sucker from your dog.

Can A Tick Kill A Dog?  

Yes, they can. One tick can act as a vector, carrying other disease, and transferring it to your dog while they feed on their blood. Severe tick infestation on your dog can cause serious disease. listed 4 deadly disease that ticks can bring:

  • Canine Borreliosis: As known as Lyme disease, this can cause fever, joint disorders, kidneys disease and inflammation of the heart muscle, which can lead to death.
  • Hepatozoonosis: It especially affects young dogs, elderly dogs or those who have weak immune system.
  • Babesiosis: This can cause fever, weakness, weight loss, restlessness and severe anemia. If it is not treated in time it can cause death.
  • Ehrlichiosis: This can cause fever, lethargy, poor appetite, abnormal bruising and bleeding.

How Can I Protect My Dogs From Ticks?

You can’t remove ticks from your dog by just giving one time medication, because ticks can breed on your dog’s body, if you only do it once there’s a chance there might be a hatched eggs. It’s recommended to kill them before they bite, to reduce the transmission of disease they carry. There are many anti-tick products to choose from. Before making your choice, you should consider some factors, such as lifestyle factor, previous tick exposure, living in or travel to an endemic region or country, your preference (tablet, collar or spot-on). American Animal Hospital Association also says you could also look after your environment. Remember to wash your dog’s bed and vacuum your house frequently. For your yard, make it less homey for ticks and fleas. Cut the tall grass, trim bushes and shrubs, rake up leaf litter. Don’t give them a place to hide!

How Does Tick Repellant Works for Dogs?

Tick spray kills quickly and provide residual protection. You can use them between shampoos and dips, or when you want to take your dog’s out for a walk. What’s inside the tick spray? Some products contain pyrethroids, which is a tick-repellent (prevent ticks from taking a blood meal), insecticide and acaricide effects. According to, one of the pet’s owner favorite is a tick spray. It is easy to use because you just need to spray your dog’s coat lightly. Be careful not to spray their eyes, nose, mouth, and head area. You might want to buy a different spray for your pet’s collar, bedding, rugs, and other areas on your home because it’s important to take care of the environment also.


It might take time to remove ticks from your dog. If ticks appear even after your medication, doesn’t mean it’s not working. Infestations of ticks may take months to eliminate. Use effective and long-lasting adulticide to kill ticks and don’t forget to clean the environment also. Vacuum your dog’s bed, carpets, furniture, cushions and rugs regularly. Remember, a clean environment makes a healthy dog. Check out PetFoodCare for anti fleas and tick shampoo for your dog.

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