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10 Interesting Facts to Know About Epilation Laser Montreal

The process of hair removal through laser treatment is a continuous method, which gradually damages the hair follicle. However, hair may regain, if the follicle isn’t destroyed during the procedure. That’s why most dermatologists recommend Epilation Laser Montreal as long-term hair removal rather than permanent hair removal procedure.

So, if you’re considering hair removal, you should know about numerous steps and if it is safe? There are various procedures of hair removal, like threading, waxing, shaving, and laser method. Also, laser hair removal is relatively expensive but offers exact approaches to eliminate unwanted hair growth. That’s right!

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

This significant procedure uses high-heat laser rays as a gentle form of radiation. At the time of this procedure, these laser rays will heat-up and destroy hair follicles from the skin. The hair follicles produce new strands of hair and situated just below your skin.

Once the follicles are damaged, then hair production temporarily remains disabled. The procedure of waxing, shaving, and threading helps in hair removal above the skin’s surface, which doesn’t mark hair-producing follicles.

Hence, the following areas are most exact for laser hair removal-

  • back
  • chest
  • shoulders
  • bikini line
  • neck
  • face (other than the eye area)

This form of hair removal is suitable for light skin tone and darker hair color individuals because the treatment targets hair melanin. Even if some hairs aren’t eliminated, the lightening of their color can lessen the appearance of hair on the skin’s surface. Also, some of your unwanted hair is likely to fall within some days of your first session.

10 ‘Interesting’ Tips for Laser Hair Removal

In case you’re longing for Epilation Laser Montreal, you need to consider the following facts-

  1. Have Some Patience, this Procedure is Time-Consuming!

It usually takes two to three weeks after your first session to see changes, and ten to twelve weeks of treatment to enjoy complete differences. Also, you need to be regular with your scheduled appointment to control hair follicles.

  • The procedure is Painful but Fast & Effective

The process of laser hair removal starts with sending rays in the hair through the pigment. This ray gets converted to heat that damages the hair bulb and hair follicle. This procedure is comparatively fast but painful on thinner skin near chin, and nose. Hence, laser hair removal is one of the most-effective procedures to treat body hair rather than threading or waxing.

  • Shaving is Compulsory Before Laser Therapy!

The laser can react with the skin’s surface hair and might lead to skin irritations or may burn hair smell. In order to avoid this kind of pain, every time you need to shave the area before your laser sessions.

  • Quick Procedure

In most circumstances, it takes around 20 minutes for full-face laser treatment. Therefore, it is simply understood that laser hair removal is a pretty fast procedure.

  • Avoid Exercise for Few Days

The heat from the laser therapy remains for 24-hours in your skin. Therefore, you should avoid going to gyms, taking hot showers, and anything related to body heat-up after this procedure. If you don’t obey, you may have risks of growing new spots in those areas.

  • Stay Away from The Sunlight

After completing this laser produce, your dermatologist will advise you what’s best for you and things to avoid. Also, you will be asked to avoid exposure to sunlight, and sunbathing as much as possible before and after laser. In case you’ve tans, you’ll have to wait till it fades before your laser. It is highly recommended to never miss your visit to the dermatologist as per scheduled appointment.

  • Avoid Using Beauty Products for Few Days

It’s compulsory to avoid using glycolic acid, scrubs, and retinol ointment before and after laser sessions. Also, you need to avoid chemical peel-off and similar ointment before skin tanning. In case you’ve used extra moisture in your skin after the treatment that area will get drier.

  • Risks of More Hair Growth

In some cases, certain kinds of hair can stimulate growing back thicker and longer. However, if the hair removal isn’t worthy, your dermatologist will inform you soon.

  • Laser Hair Removal Has Multiple Benefits

 In addition to hair removal, laser treatment helps in permanent hair reduction, smoother skin, eliminate skin irritation, and reduce ingrowing of hairs. Also, Epilation Laser Montrealencourages hair to grow straight and reduce unwanted hair growth.

  • Perfectly Works On All Skin Types

 To seek laser hair treatment, your hair needs to be darker to draw the procedure. If you want to treat darker skin tones and pigmentation, you should use long-pulsed laser therapy. After the laser treatment, you should compulsorily avoid waxing, plucking, and applying bleach in that area. In order to stay hairless through the treatment, apply for shaving rounds.

In short, laser hair removal is comparatively a fast process to get rid of unwanted hair as a permanent solution. If you want to have efficient results, you need to follow what your dermatologist has suggested (do and don’t) before and after your laser. To ensure the best results, you will need to follow multiple treatment sessions as well. Also, if you want to cut out expenses of laser treatment, you can simply opt for numerous hair removal processes at home.

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